iTeams Netherlands is holding a training day for all those who work with or serve among refugees and asylum seekers. The training will focus on developing a practical understanding of resilience and how to foster it in yourself and others.   

The training will be led by Tim Elverson from the UK based organisation Life Transitions. Tim specialises in training for refugees and asylum seekers and those who work with them in the area of resilience and developing healthy ways forward.

The training will cover the following areas of resilience:

  • RESILIENCE: Define resilience and its importance. Identify the characteristics of resilient people and how to foster it.
  • SAFETY: manages and understands their environment to promote security and stability.
  • BELONGING: engages readily with others, builds strong relationships and communicates effectively. 
  • ESTEEM: maintains a healthy perception of self despite their situation.
  • AGENCY: makes realistic decisions, solves problems and follows through with their plans.
  • MEANING: contextualises their circumstances within a greater narrative to give hope and endurance.

When: November 22, 2019
Where: Het Westerhonk, Dokter Scheurerlaan 3, Ermelo
What time: 10.00 – 16.00
Cost: 20 euros (inclusive tea/coffee and simple lunch)
Payment: please make payment to the following account:

NL 59 RABO 0326 1690 59  t.n.v. iTeams  o.v.v. VW-TR    (your registration is reserved upon payment)

Please note: the training will be offered only in English

There are limited spots available so please register via the Google form: Registration Form

Looking forward to seeing you there.

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