Stichting International Teams Netherlands (iTeams NL) is recognised by the Dutch Tax Office as a non-profit, charitable organisation (in the Netherlands - ANBI status). This means your gift to iTeams NL is tax deductible in the Netherlands. 

Missie Nederland

iTeams NL is a member of Missie Nederland, an umbrella organisation providing support, networking, and advice for Christian organisations and mission agencies in the Netherlands. 

Tax Number

The tax number of Stichting International Teams is (RSIN): is 8161.37.377

Charity Register  

The organisation is registered as a not-for-profit foundation is registered under number 41035582 and was founded December 2, 1985.


The address of the foundation is: Tolweg 2U, 3851 SK Ermelo. The day to day management of the foundation is under the direction of André Zoutewelle and John Harris, who lead a team of volunteers. 


  • Bram Leunis, Harderwijk - Chair
  • Hans van Tol, Ermelo - Treasurer
  • Denis van der Bijl, Leeuwarden - Secretary
  • Erna de Vos-Vonk, Barneveld - Member
  • Eduard Kuiper, Ermelo - Member


For reporting please see the Dutch version of this page: ANBI  

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