We are looking for an individual to help us to fulfil and build-up our capacity to help and support trafficked women in Caen. Based on a church-plant planned for the neighbourhood, we want to reach out to the women trafficked into this industry - to offer support, friendship and unconditional love...

Bless is looking for an individual to help fulfil and build-up capacity to aid and support the refugee community in Caen. SOS CHAI provides food, hot and cold drinks, friendship and support to refugees living, legally or illegally, in the Caen Presqu'île area.

An opportunity exists to join an existing team in Germany to help them better serve the community they are focused on. The Veldhuizen family serve in eastern Germany with a ministry involving refugee work, local church work and building community connections. 

End Slavery Ecuador - cross cultural workers

End Slavery Ministry Ecuador (ESME) is an organization created by iTeams workers. Care is given to young women in Quito Ecuador who are victims of trafficking. The organization has a shelter for young mothers, a workplace for employment, and provides on-going care. There is also street work among transgenders.

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