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What does iTeams NL do with your data?

iTeams NL respects the privacy of our website visitors and ensures that the personal information you give us is treated and stored confidentially.

Processing of personal data is done in a manner that is in accordance with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act.

Your data will not be made available to companies and / or institutions outside the Foundation, unless the legislator or the body appointed by the legislator decides otherwise.

The mailing information provided by you falls under the responsibility of Stichting International Teams (iTeams NL). If you register, this automatically means that you allow iTeams NL to save and use your data. Of course you can undo this yourself at any time.


iTeams NL uses security procedures to prevent unauthorized access to entrusted data. The iTeams NL website has its own SSL certificate. That's why the iTeams NL website is safe in your browser.

The management and technical development of the iTeams NL website is in the hands of Aaron Media: 

E-mails and data from interested parties, applicants and others with whom no form of cooperation agreement is agreed, will be removed on request or at least 3 months after the last use.


If a cooperation agreement is reached between you and iTeams NL, you have access to your own data and you can change it if necessary. You can decide for yourself which data will be visible and who can view your data.


When you visit the iTeams NL website, use is made of so-called session cookies. This allows you to go faster from page to page after entering. These cookies are automatically removed again on departure from the site. Your visit is and remains anonymous.

Cookies are pieces of software that we send to your internet browser on your computer. You can set your browser so that you are informed when you receive cookies, or that cookies will be refused.


iTeams NL registers how often, how long and which pages are viewed by means of an analytical program. iTeams NL analyzes this information in order to better align the services we offer to the interest of the user. iTeams NL uses Google Analytics. Read more about this here (in Dutch).

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Questions or complaints about privacy can be directed to:

International Teams Foundation

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T: +31 341 270 608


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