Desire and Miguel Zova lead the coffee bar 'Koffieklap' in Antwerp. This is a work experience project for women who come from vulnerable situations and receive guidance here. Every morning before the coffee bar opens, we start around the table with the team. We take a moment to drink coffee or tea together, listen to each other and start the day with a passage from the Bible and prayer.

As soon as the frost was over I saw it around me; people dove into the garden. Pruned, weeded and new plants were planted. I don't have such a green thumb myself, but now that we've been living in a house with a garden for a few years, I'm also giving it a try. I am learning more and more about the different plants and the best place to put them. 

iTeams NL collaborates with various projects. We are pleased to introduce to you Elias Markos who leads one of these projects. Elias was born in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan and recruited as a child soldier becoming a part of the liberation army.

At the end of December and the beginning of January we had two young couples visiting: Julia and Jan, daughter of iTeams NL leader, with her boyfriend, and our son Nathan and his girlfriend Christa. This was very encouraging for us. Julia and Jan helped with the Christmas afternoon in Bangladesh and all four of them also helped ....

Lately, we've been able to really invest in building relationships with people with disabilities and their families. That's exactly the major reason, drive, vision and the mission of my stay here, so I can't tell you with enough joy that it's great to see that take shape!

These last months the war in Ukraine has been on our hearts and minds. It has been difficult to know what to do or how to help. Prayer, of course, is one of the things everyone can and needs to be doing for Ukraine and its people at present.

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