In 2023 I was in Tijuana Mexico for discipleship training. After the 3-month teaching period, I experienced that God wanted me to stay in Tijuana longer to work in Zona Norte... That's how I ended up at iTeamsNL. With and in them I found a warm team that thought along with me, guided and trained me and also offered remote support and wanted to think along with me.

In November I (John) had the opportunity to visit long-term workers, Andreas and Ligia and their three children, in Săcălaz, Romania. It was good to be with them, to listen to them and to be able to encourage them. I saw some of the village where they live, visited the nearest town, and had the opportunity to visit their church community on Sunday. 

We are currently in process with seven people to join iTeams Netherlands – two couples (with families) and three individuals. This is the most that we have received in one year and is incredibly encouraging. It has certainly stretched our office team but in a very positive and productive way.

We are Hilbert and Evelien de Vries and together with our children Sarah, Emma and Deborah, we live in beautiful Ede. Evelien grew up in Scherpenzeel and worked as a candidate civil-law notary in Barneveld until a month ago. Hilbert grew up in Veenendaal and worked as a surgeon in the hospital in Harderwijk until a month ago. On January 6, 2024, we hope to leave for Peru to work at the Diospi Suyana hospital. We would like to share something about what brought us from Ede to Peru.  

Desire and Miguel Zova lead the coffee bar 'Koffieklap' in Antwerp. This is a work experience project for women who come from vulnerable situations and receive guidance here. Every morning before the coffee bar opens, we start around the table with the team. We take a moment to drink coffee or tea together, listen to each other and start the day with a passage from the Bible and prayer.

As soon as the frost was over I saw it around me; people dove into the garden. Pruned, weeded and new plants were planted. I don't have such a green thumb myself, but now that we've been living in a house with a garden for a few years, I'm also giving it a try. I am learning more and more about the different plants and the best place to put them. 

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