At the end of December and the beginning of January we had two young couples visiting: Julia and Jan, daughter of iTeams NL leader, with her boyfriend, and our son Nathan and his girlfriend Christa. This was very encouraging for us. Julia and Jan helped with the Christmas afternoon in Bangladesh and all four of them also helped ....

Lately, we've been able to really invest in building relationships with people with disabilities and their families. That's exactly the major reason, drive, vision and the mission of my stay here, so I can't tell you with enough joy that it's great to see that take shape!

These last months the war in Ukraine has been on our hearts and minds. It has been difficult to know what to do or how to help. Prayer, of course, is one of the things everyone can and needs to be doing for Ukraine and its people at present.

iTeams Netherlands stands in solidarity, support and prayer with our Ukrainian brothers and sisters. We condemn the unjustified acts of aggression done by the Russian military and its leaders. We grieve the loss of life on all sides. We grieve the hundreds of thousands who have had to leave their home. We pray for God's peace and justice for Ukraine and its people.

For several years, Shelton has been mentoring young adults in the Mechanics sphere. We have seen how mentoring works in the lives of the young people. So our next step is to reach out to those in need along the same lines; discipleship and mentorship in Zimbabwe through professional training.

A lot of iTeams NL's work continued as usual during the past summer period. Despite the current situation due to Covid-19, we see that many workers have continued their work. We also see that the demand for help is increasing in many situations....

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