1. We too are part of the hopelessness of this world. Without Jesus we are lost.

2. Faith is more than a decision. The call to “follow me” means to be ‘contagious’. Changed people change the world.

3. God values each individual, so we value each individual – unconditionally. We go to the limits to carry out the Kingdom of God, the hope for today and tomorrow.

4. In the Kingdom of God there are no marginal people or groups. The gospel of restoration is only truly seen when hate and envy are replaced by love and forgiveness.

5. We are relational and work strategically. We stand as close as we can beside those we serve.

6. God is dangerous as well as good. Following him is an adventure, and not one without risk. However, we walk by the side of the God of miracles.

7. We are an inter-church, Christian, evangelical movement. We come from a wide range of backgrounds and expressions.

8. We are always open for cooperation with a wide range of partners.

9. Worshiping the living God is the highest calling of humanity, and our eventual destination. We worship with expression, with joy and as often as possible.

10. There is no shame in learning through mistakes, as long as we stand up again. Taking initiatives means taking risks.

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