The international roots of International Teams go back to the 1960's. Over the following decades new International Teams national organisation were soon started in other countries. International Teams in the Netherlands came on the map in 2007.

iTeams NL has its origins in a Dutch organisation called the Ancient World Outreach Foundation. Ancient World Outreach (AWO) was a foundation that focused on work in the Balkan countries. It was founded in 1985 by Open Doors workers, with the blessing of Open Doors. The task of AWO was supplementary to that of Open Doors, which at that time mainly dealt with the distribution of Bibles and Bible study material. AWO, on the other hand, had the task of evangelism and church foundation.

In 1991, AWO led the way in opening up Albania, bringing various groups (including International Teams) together to get started in this fomerly closed country. From that time AWO and International Teams were partners. In 2004 the AWO coordinators Barth and Mathilde Companjen were appointed by International Teams as field leaders for Europe. In 2007 AWO officially became International Teams Netherlands.

iTeams NLĀ is one of the primary members of the International Teams network.

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