For the iTeams Netherlands office team in Ermelo we are looking for a Home Front Coordinator.

We think that this person will:

  • work together in the leadership team with the current director (until 2021), the Field Work Coordinator, and the Administrative Coordinator
  • build and maintain contact with (sending) church congregations
  • responsible for the supervision of the TFT (Home Front Teams) and church congregations of posted workers
  • starting TFTs 
  • guiding new sending iTeams Partners in other countries 
  • organize prefield training for candidate workers, along with leadership team 
  • volunteer at the office and at events

We expect the coordinator to:

  • have good knowledge of at least Dutch and English (speaking and writing)  
  • have mission experience, especially in cross cultural field situations 
  • be an active member of a church congregation and that this church stands behind his / her work at iTeams NL
  • actively promote iTeams NL and help raise donations
  • fulfil their work hours in consultation with the director which may allow for some work to take place at home
  • a considerable part of the working time will include traveling, mainly within the Netherlands
  • represent iTeams NL in umbrella and cooperation organizations for sending
  • be willing to work in a flexible working environment
  • be prepared to work on the consolidation phase of the organization, in which the momentum of the movement is also maintained

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