The Albanian Encouragement Project (AEP) was established in 1991 to coordinate the cooperation between foreign mission organizations in Albania. The AEP works closely with the VUSH (the Albanian Evangelical Alliance). iTeams NL (then called AWO) was one of the founders of this independent platform. We are looking for a coordinator or coordination couple for this network.

The organization AEP has an office in Tirana and:

  • organises national and regional meetings
  • stimulates cooperation, spread of activities and Christian unity
  • organizes platforms for focus groups
  • organizes an annual retreat
  • mediates and represents the mission community with the government
  • facilitates Member Care
  • provides a platform for meeting and information sharing

The organization itself does not do 'ministry', but provides support for organizations and missionaries so that they can do their ministries.

iTeams NL is looking for a couple with experience in cross cultural situations, with language skills in at least English and Albanian, and with experience in coordination or management work.

The acceptance and appointment will take place by the board of the AEP, but on a loan basis by iTeams NL. The term is 2 years, with the possibility of extension.

Location: Durrës-Tirana region.

The sending will be together with the successful candidates' own church. No salary is paid, but a reimbursement based on donations from their own church and / or circle of friends.

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