Slavery is officially illegal but it in practice still occurs:

  • people work without payment
  • people forced to work in terrible conditions
  • or people forced to work against their will without any rights

Slavery is also not even far away from us. In fact, whether you know it or not, you are often involved through our purchase of many types of clothes, shoes, electronics and much more. Our prosperity is built on inequality. Many people who make these goods are in fact modern day slaves forced to work with little or no pay in terrible conditions.

Refugees or migrants are often dependent on traffickers who provide them assistance to smuggle them across borders. In these situations the fees they owe the traffickers can only be repaid through forced work. In addition many women are forced into prostitution in this system. Children are also forced to work with little or no pay while others are used as child soldiers.


One of the consequences of these abuses and crimes is that the enslaved person's self-image and identity becomes distorted. iTeams NL aims to help enslaved women and girls, men and boys to be set free and to regain their true self-image. Learning to trust again - trust in people, God and themselves.

iTeams NL is involved in projects to end slavery in Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Greece, Ecuador and Uganda.


We would like to get to know people who want to get involved, and who want to work against these abuses and for the victims in different ways. Contact us by mail:  


If you want to financially support the work of End Slavery, you can transfer it to bank account:

NL38 RABO 0111 4061 02 in the name of Iteams, with the note ES-WW End Slavery 

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