Why focus? 

Over the years International Teams has developed a number of specialisations. Years of experience have built up know-how and valuable relationships. iTeams NL focuses on the ethnic groups of Albanians and Roma, as well as people in modern slavery (Focus End Slavery), on marginalised groups, children's ministry and on refugees.

Different iTeams alliance partners  

The different iTeams alliance partners share similarities, but also each have a different way of tackling these issues. In the alliance we give each other room to develop independently, but we choose to work in a complementary manner. This allows iTeams NL to place people in teams where other iTeams alliance organisations are taking the lead. We don’t want to be limited by the status quo of our focuses, so if you have an out of the box idea or a vision for something new, get in contact! We enjoy helping people give shape to their calling. And if we can’t do it ourselves, we can connect you to people who can.

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