Marginalisation is unjust. Unfortunately it happens all too often with individuals, groups and even entire people groups. iTeams NL wants to do something about this. Not so directly through manning the barricades and protesting or taking legal action. No, our method is more to help people themselves to resist marginalisation by creating conditions for development.

Not handouts but development. Not just bread but an oven to make bread to eat and sell. Not just fish but a fishing line. Not just rules and regulations but values and standards. Economic self-reliance is the goal.

iTeams NL has many opportunities to work in this area in many countries directly with us or through a partner organisation.


iTeams NL works together with other organisations in the areas of:

  • agriculture (self-sufficiency and methodology)
  • education
  • economic development

We want professionals and specialists who are willing to use their education and experience to serve in these sectors. We are also looking for people willing to partner with these projects by fund raising or by supporting fund administration.

If you have ideas in this direction, we would like to hear from you. And see if we can come to business together with you and other partners or refer you to another organization that you can collaborate with.

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You can also support this focus group with a general gift. Your contribution is welcome to bank account:

NL38 RABO 0111 4061 02 in the name of Iteams with the note AG-WW Marginalised Groups.



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