Together with his wife Christina, it is mission, church and social work that has the heart of Arjen. They have much experience in the area of spirituality and social work. Arjen and Christina have three children and live in Ermelo. Their passion is to create unity between the workers, different churches, and also society. All this is with the purpose of seeing the multicolours of Christ become visible and to see God’s Kingdom grow.

Arjen Verboom joined the iTeams NL office team in September 2019 as a part of the leadership team. His responsibilities are focused on the Dutch side of the work, that is the ‘home front’.

Arjen’s responsibilities are:

  • To maintain the relational network of iTeams NL in the Netherlands.
  • To coordinate and support the homefront of the workers.
  • To participate in umbrella organizations.
  • To take care of the PR of iTeams NL.


If you would like to support Arjen in his work you can do so through by direct transfer to the following account:

NL48 RABO 0326 1689 66 t.n.v. iTeams o.v.v. IT-HF


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