You do not have to fit in a box to work with iTeams NL. iTeams NL wants to work with you and your church to give 'hands and feet' to your vision or 'service'. We know from experience: sending missionaries is custom work.

iTeams NL helps you prepare and get to the field and stays actively involved with you once you arrive on the field. Going to the mission field, both abroad and in the Netherlands, gives many practical questions - finance, insurance, relocation, education for children, etc. When working abroad, there are of course even bigger changes. iTeams NL helps you to find the answers to these questions based on co-responsibility.

Collaboration is in the iTeams NL DNA both in the sending and in your actual work, where we also collaborate extensively with others.


iTeams NL sets a number of guidelines for its workers:

  • is your dream, vision or calling recognized and supported by your church?
  • do you have the appropriate training or preparation?
  • is there a good basis for our working together?
  • can we work on a feasible budget together, and do you have any debts?
  • are there any personal circumstances that may cause complications to be worked through?
  • are you working through a healthy process: calling, faith, confirmation, action?
  • do you want or can you form a Home Front Team (TFT)?
  • are all those involved prepared to cooperate to support and send you? (Cooperation is important for us)
  • are you willing to participate in the orientation course?
  • can you endorse the statement of beliefs of iTeams NL? 
  • are you willing to participate in a health and background check?
    • resilience assessment
    • statement of conduct (VOG)

What can you expect? 

What can you expect from iTeams NL as an organization? So why do you need us?

  • coordination of the preliminary stage
  • 'know how' in sending (you are co-sent with your church)
  • cooperation with any on field partners or churches you may work with on the field
  • donation administration
  • member care (care for mission workers)
  • coaching, evaluation
  • a group of like-minded people to be a part of
  • insurance on a collective basis (discount)


Your acceptance as a mission worker is a decision that only happens at the end of the application process. The period between when you first apply and your actual departure is on average one year, sometimes shorter, sometimes longer. You can always withdraw from the process anytime and that also applies to your church and iTeams NL.

You can begin the process by downloading and completing the 5-minute interview available below. Once we receive this we will invite you for a preliminary meeting or even perhaps advise you something else. For example, this could be a referral to another organization that might better suit you, your calling, or the work area.


If you want to get on board with us, or send missionaries out as a church, we are always open for a first conversation so we can get to know each other!

You can send us a message via the Form below, send us an email, or call us at: +31 341 270608.

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