Ps 107: 9: for he satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things.

Best friends,

As a missionary organization, we see a lot of misery worldwide because of the consequences of the corona crisis. Where we already experience direct suffering in the Netherlands from the measures that had to be taken, this is many times worse in the developing world.

iTeams NL has workers and projects in countries in Eastern Europe where a complete lock down has shut down the country. We are also experiencing enormous famines in African countries such as Uganda. Countries like Ecuador are struggling because there are few facilities.

We are faced with desperate people. Countries that have locked down have immediately blocked access to food. Especially in these countries where people live by the day, there is an acute threat that many thousands may die of hunger.

We can provide immediate help! Would you like partner with us to help?

iTeams NL has various relationships within these countries, both with aid organizations and churches. We have been working in these countries for a long time and have mission workers on site. We have a fast connection and can provide immediate help. We know of churches and projects that distribute food to the most needy. Would you like to support us in this?

Transfer your gift now to NL38 RABO 0111 4061 02 in the name of iteams stating DF-XX

Would you like to know more about the situation during this corona crisis or would you like to become more involved with the work of iTeams NL, please do not hesitate to contact:  

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