These last months the war in Ukraine has been on our hearts and minds. It has been difficult to know what to do or how to help. Prayer, of course, is one of the things everyone can and needs to be doing for Ukraine and its people at present.

However, recently the iTeams Netherlands office team has had the opportunity to serve in very practical ways. As a part of our wider network, we know several families from Ukraine who have made their way to our local area in the towns of Ermelo, Putten and Harderwijk. Each of the office team has been able to serve these families in various ways: picking one family up from Utrecht train station and taking them to a home in Putten, providing food, bikes, advice, and guidance about life in the Netherlands. The team was also able to set up an apartment that was donated by a local businessperson. The apartment was empty, so everything needed to be found and taken to the apartment. In just a few days we were able to source all the items from many different generous people and have it ready for when they arrived.

Another of the office team is preparing space in the home where an outbuilding is being converted into a small apartment. When finished this will provide a wonderful space for Ukrainian and other refugees to find peace and restoration. Finally, others from the team are providing trauma de-brief to those who have fled Ukraine. This is especially important to help those who have experienced trauma to process these events in a healthy way and experience God’s restoring hand.

This is just one example of how the iTeams Netherland office team is not just about office work. We also serve in practical ways to see lives transformed by the power of God and people reconciled and restored in their relationship with God, with themselves, with others and the world.

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