We invite you to pray for all of our missionaries and projects. Since we have people all over the world, we notice that the measures worldwide are very different but are impacting them all. Several of our missionaries are not allowed to leave their country and have had to cancel trips they had planned and booked. Other workers are confronted with the distress around them. Some are able to carefully support vulnerable groups. Others feel powerless to do much to help the poorest people who are around them. We are thinking in particular of refugees who live close together and are therefore a large risk group. Many countries across Europe and the world have closed or are closing their borders and enforce tight restrictions within the country. 

Please pray for quick solutions. Pray for the protection and health and safety missionaries and for the communities they serve in. Pray that God will continue to supply all their needs and the needs of those they serve. Pray that God will open new doors and that His kingdom will be built. 

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