iTeams Netherlands stands in solidarity, support and prayer with our Ukrainian brothers and sisters. We condemn the unjustified acts of aggression done by the Russian military and its leaders. We grieve the loss of life on all sides. We grieve the hundreds of thousands who have had to leave their home in search for safety and for the many families that had to make the heart-breaking choice of separation. We pray for God's peace and justice for Ukraine and its people. 

iTeams Netherlands has established an emergency funds that will support Ukrainians in several practical ways in line with our own network and capabilities. Two such projects that we wish to support include:

  • provide funds to support a team with our American alliance member One Collective which is providing emergency refuge (accommodation, food and help) to internally displaced Ukrainians within Ukraine
  • supporting an initiative to provide much needed trauma de-briefing to Ukrainian refugees who have escaped into the EU 
  • other projects may arise which we feel we can contribute to meaningfully. 

Your generosity and help is greatly appreciated in this critical time.

You can give for the Ukraine crisis to:
NL 38 RABO 0111406102 in the name of iTeams  o.v.v. DF-UA Disasterfund Ukraine

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