Ton has been serving with iTeams NL since 2013.  iTeams NL is actively involved in Albania together with other organisations. Ton provides leadership and guidance to our workers and teams serving in Albania and across the Balkans.

Albanian Outreach

In this ministry Ton reaches out to Albanians in the Balkans and beyond.


iTeams NL is actively involved in the Balkans in a network of organisations serving there. Ton and his wife, Carla, visit frequently to support the teams and workers and to teach. They work closely with iTeams NL director Barth Companjen.


An estimated 10,000 Albanians from Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and other countries live in and around Brussels. With a group of volunteers, they mainly focus on victims of human trafficking and refugees.


Ton has worked for years as a relief worker at various organizations in the Netherlands. In addition, he is registered as a coach and supervisor. He has been involved with iTeams NL since 2013. 

Albania Coordinator

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