An opportunity exists to join an existing team in Germany to help them better serve the community they are focused on. The Veldhuizen family serve in eastern Germany with a ministry involving refugee work, local church work and building community connections. 

Team workers

  • Focus: workers who would be willing to build up a team with the Veldhuizens.
  • Duration: from six months and longer
  • Qualities:
    • have a heart for East Germany
    • have a desire to serve through intercession, ministry and social help to Germans and Refugees
    • want to be pionieers and to build up the Community with us
    • can do practical work - there is still much work to be done.
  • Other details: as a ministry the Veldhuizens want to invite local people (in-need) to work with them as a way to build up relationships and to minister to them, while working and living together. You have the opportunity to work alongside these people to serve them and disciple them.

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