Gerard and Ilse van Veldhuizen live and work in Dreiwerden, a village close to Mittweida, north of Chemnitz, Germany. They have four children. Their two eldest study at colleges in Berlin and Ede (NL), and their other two attend a local German high school.

Gerard is part of the leadership in their local Church. Some years ago they bought a house in an auction with the dream of using it for fringe people. In the meantime they started to renovate the house. Ilse went back to school and became a nurse.

In the spring of 2016 they started hosting a refugee family in their house. The first family has moved on and now they host a Chechen family. However, Gerard and Ilse have maintained contact with the first refugee who now comes to the house for a weekly Bible study. The refugee friend brings along some German 'fringe' people that he is in contact with. Now the original vision for the house and ministry is becoming more of a reality.

Newsletter and home church

Their newsletter can be requested here. Their home church in the Netherlands is the Church of the Nazarene in Dordrecht, and in Germany they are connected to the Evangelical Freikirche in Mittweida.


If you want to support Gerard and Ilse in their work, you can donate to the bank account:

NL80 RABO 0305 9372 94, in the name of ITeams, with the note VW-DW Veldhuizen


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