Henk Jan and Allie Oosterhuis serve among the refugee community in Athens.

The city of Athens is at a crossroads between Asia and Europe and is one of the major transition points for the large numbers of refugees arriving by boat or overland and trying to travel into Europe. Although media attention has since shifted elsewhere, thousands of refugees are still arriving in Greece and many find themselves stuck in limbo here, not knowing what their future holds.

We are passionate about seeing the lives of refugees transformed through Christ, believing that both the demonstration and proclamation of the Gospel are important. We are involved in building relationships with refugees through practical help, fun activities and intentional conversations. Specifically, we organize art classes for teenage girls, Bible studies and discipleship meetings, fun activities like game nights and hikes, and we offer hospitality, networking and referrals. We also partner with Helping Hands refugee ministry, which offers a variety of programs at their ministry center such as tea house, family meal days, men's and women's ministry, shower and laundry services and clothing distribution. In all of this we seek to share the love of Christ, guiding people to becoming disciples of Him who can in turn make new disciples.


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