iTeams NL has a focus on Albanians. These are, of course, the people of Albania and Kosovo, the countries that are Albanian-speaking. However, there are also Albanian minorities in the neighbouring states of Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia and the worldwide Albanian diaspora.

Albanian roots

Over the centuries, Albanians have settled in all parts of the world. To begin with in the former Turkish empire, mainly in the Balkans. 

Albanian Spring

A third of the Albanian population has Christian roots, both Orthodox and Roman Catholic. But most of the Albanians have an Islamic tradition. Protestant Albanians were involved in the 'Albanian Spring' in the second half of the 19th century which is when the Albanian language was put in writing. The state of Albania was founded in 1912 when the Ottoman Empire disintegrated in the Balkans.

Open borders

After the Second World War and until 1991 Albania was an isolated country under the harsh rule of the Communist Party. In 1991 with the collapse of communism and the associated atheism Albania became a democratic country. Traditional values ​​were restored and simultaneously new influences could come in. iTeams NL was there from the beginning (under its former name Ancient-World Outreach) closely involved in the foundation of churches, a Bible school, a publishing house and a cooperation body for mission and development aid.

Now iTeams NL is working as a partner with Albanian organizations and churches providing answers to the questions related to the development of the country and the church. In the last 20 years the church in Albania has grown from 5 believers to more than 5000 and a larger group of interested people around it. iTeams NL serves the Albanian Church in Albania, Kosovo and FYR Macedonia and across the Albanian diaspora.


Are you interested in the work among and with Albanians? There are various possibilities within existing projects, but we are also open to new challenges. So if you have a plan, vision or dream, do not hesitate to share it with us. As an organization we want to give hands and feet to your ideas.

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