iTeams NL is committed to the Roma and Sinti people. We work for both social change and spiritual renewal.


Across Europe among the Roma and Sinti there is a spiritual revival underway. Roma and Sinti are peoples who have their roots in India and Pakistan. The Roma are not one people but have diverse language and dialect groups with their own communities, traditions and cultures. There are also tribes who have adopted the language of the country they live in or the language of former rulers. For example, in Bulgaria there are more than 10000 Turk speaking Roma who call themselves Millet.

Many of the Roma peoples do not have a Bible translation in their own language. They often use the language of the country they live in for their education and official life.

Life Attitude

The Roma are often among the poorest of the poor. Improving their living conditions is only possible with good education. Education is not only about learning skills and knowledge it is about an attitude to life. In this area local Roma churches play an important role.


iTeams NL is committed to Roma Outreach in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Albania, Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia. Activities among the Roma include: research, church planting, children's work, education, leadership training, media and Bible translation.

iTeams NL is also open to work with the Roma in other locations, including outside the Balkans.


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