In Jagodina in central Serbia there is a house – and it is bustling with activity. Downstairs in the basement there is a hall where the Roma community gathers every Sunday and Thursday night, led by a pastor who is himself a Roma missionary from Leskovac. 

On the first floor there is a kindergarten for Roma children, where they get all the attention they need. They follow an educational programme based on Christian values. They can play and listen to stories and a good breakfast and warm meal is also part of the daily programme. The kids are checked for hygiene, and they can even shower if they have to. The programme – run by locals – is deeply appreciated by the kids and their parents.

OAZA also organises special collections for the most needy families, such as firewood for the winter, debt relief and food drives. In the surrounding villages they organise kids’ clubs and kids’ camps in the summer. 

The initiative for this project came from the iTeams NL missionary Margreet Jans, but is run on a daily basis by the board – Miki, Milja, Sanja and Margreet.


You can support OAZA financially by donating to the bank account:

NL04 RABO 0326 1688 85 t.n.v. iTeams o.v.v. RM-JA Oaza 


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