Dete i Svet 

This organisation is devoted to providing Sunday School materials in Serbia. It gives workshops for Sunday School workers, and provides the opportunity of ordering diverse materials. 

They have also published a number of books for both workers and children. Most amazing are the DVDs that they make themselves. They started off with puppet shows, and made sure the puppets themselves could also be ordered for Sunday Schools. The latest DVDs are self-produced animated movies. The organisation offers its products and services at the price of their production costs – they aren’t out to make a profit. They are therefore still unable to cover all their costs, so our support is greatly needed. 

Dete i Svet was founded by the iTeams NL missionary Margreet Jans but has had a Serbian director and board for years. It serves a broad spectrum of protestant and evangelical churches, and this can also be seen in the composition of the board. 


You can support Dete i Svet financially by donating to the bank account: 

NL87 RABO 0309 1179 92, in the name of Iteams - with the note KN-DS 



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