Udhekryq (Crossroads) is situated in Ersekë, a small city in the mountains of South Albania.

Summer camp

Every summer this centre provides 5000 children with an unforgettable experience. Groups of children come from all Albania to spend the week together playing, learning, and hearing stories. 

Willow Creek

Udhekryq is also the home of Willow Creek Albania. From this centre all yearly meetings are organised and DVDs are translated, for the separate team in Kosovo as well as the one in Albania. 

Bible school

The centre also plays host to the once-yearly Torchbearer Bible School, a six month bilingual discipleship course for youth. More information can be found on their website


If you want to help support Udhekryq in their activities, you can make a donation to the bank account

NL38 RABO 0111 4061 02 in the name of “Iteams” with the notice “Udhekryq, Albania”.


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