Marije Companjen is committed to the vulnerable in this world. This started with vulnerable undocumented women. Women who are unknown and unseen, far away from what was once their home.

For years she spent time with these women until she got the vision to develop a community for a number of women. A temporary shelter in anticipation of what comes next. A safe place to relax physically and emotionally. Where women can develop and work towards a hopeful future, here in the Netherlands or elsewhere.

Marije's vision became a project and the project became the Safe Haven foundation. Now there is a house where many women have found a temporary home for the past 5 years. For further information go to the Safe Haven project page on our website or go to the Safe Haven website (in Dutch). 

Meanwhile, other groups have also received her attention. Such as the theme of human trafficking and those involved in it, victims and perpetrators. She successfully completed the Post HBO Combating Human Trafficking program and is active in various networks at home and abroad in the fight against this incredible evil. 

In 2022 with the crisis in Ukraine, the people in wartime have been given a special place in Marije's heart. After 3 recovery work trips, she has decided to settle in Irpin, Ukraine for a certain period of time in 2023. She does this in collaboration with the organization of (in Dutch) and the Irpin Bible Church. 

Newsletter and Home Church Community

Marije's home church is the Roots community in Poortugaal.

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Marije dedicates her time and talents full-time to her work with passion. She depends on donors for her livelihood. If you want to support her financially, you can transfer your contribution to bank account:

NL88 RABO 0123 1970 07, in the name of ITeams, with the note VW-RD Marije


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