Undocumented women who have been through the asylum seeking process, Marije Companjen is committed to them. She gave up her job as a movement engineer to be more involved with these women who have arrived in the Netherlands as asylum seekers. They have not been given permission to stay in the Netherlands, yet returning to the country of origin is not possible either.

She has been with these women for several years with a volunteer network in and around Rotterdam. She had a vision to develop a living community for a number of undocumented women providing temporary relief while awaiting decisions about their future. She wants to create a safe place where there is space to relax physically and emotionally. Where guidance is given next to 'bed, bath and bread'. It will be a place where women can develop and work towards a hopeful future. Here in the Netherlands or elsewhere.

Her vision became a project and bears the name Safe Haven. The project became a team with its own legal status as a foundation. A house was found, and a program is in the pipeline and volunteers are eager to really receiving their first residents in March 2018. For further information go to the Safe Haven project page on our website or go to the Safe Haven website (in Dutch). 

Marije is supported by a circle of friends and is working full time with refugee work. Marije will work full time in Safe Haven but is also well connected in a network with other organizations in the Rotterdam region.

Newsletter and Home Front Committee

Marije regularly sends newsletters and prayer requests. If you want to receive, you can request them here

The home church of Marije is Crossroads Rotterdam.


Like all iTeams NL workers Marije lives on the gifts from God’s people. If you would like to financially partner with Marije you can give to the following account for her with iTeams NL:

NL88 RABO 0123 1970 07, in the name of ITeams, with the note VW-RD Marije


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