Since the end of 2017 Pier and Joke have lived and worked in Novi Sad, Serbia. They serve in cooperation with the Tabitha Foundation, the missionary and social arm of the Evangelical Church in Novi Sad. 


The Evangelical Church in Novi Sad buzzes with activity. Alongside the Serbian community there is also a Roma community (the Roma were formerly referred to as 'Gypsies' but this term is now seen as inappropriate as it is not how the Roma call themselves). Over the years the church has developed a wonderful social work which is housed in the Tabitha Foundation and run by national workers. The Foundation runs a pre-school for Roma children and reaches out to the camps of various Roma groups.


Pier and Joke serve primarily within the Tabitha Foundation. Pier brings his experience as a pastor but also his background in agriculture to serve the Roma communities. Joke serves in a care role and also brings her experience as a nurse to the table. Pier en Joke do a lot of work to build relationships and they are busy with coaching to people and to support in practical ways. 

Pier en Joke are more and more involved in the culture and while they still work on the developing their language. Serbia is a European land but like many European lands the region of Novi Sad is an ethnic and linguistic mix. There are more than 18 ethnic groups with their own characteristics, including their own language, church or religion. The Roma are one of these groups but even then there are several different Roma groups.

iTeams NL is a partner with Pier and Joke, the Novi Sad Evangelical Church and the Tabitha Foundation.

Newsletter and Home Church

If you would like to stay up to date with Pier and Joke's you can follow then via their website (in Dutch):

Their home church is the Baptist Church Harlingen:

Financial Support

If you want to support Pier and Joke with your financial contribution, you can transfer your donation via the registration form on Pier and Joke's website.

Emergency Fund

In their work among the Roma, Pier and Joke are regularly confronted with dire situations, often the result of financial need. An emergency fund has been set up to alleviate this (concrete and acute) need. If you want to support this emergency help, you can transfer your donation via the registration form for the emergency fund.

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