In addition to giving to iTeams NL through cash, or through the bank, you can also do this in labor, costs and kind (products).

For example, you give us or one of our workers a new laptop. We can consider the value of the device as a gift (based on the purchase receipt). Or, on request or with the knowledge of the foundation, you have incurred costs for a worker or the foundation. Then we reimburse your actual costs and we reimburse the maximum legal mileage allowance. You can also convert this expenditure into a donation of kind. These gifts can therefore also be included in your annual tax declaration.

Classic handling method

The tax authorities can request a supporting document for these deductions. That is why you must file a claim with us and get proof from iTeams NL. Declarations through this method can be submitted between 1 January and 15 March of the year after the year in which the costs were incurred. You do not have to submit it, but you must have it available in your administration. These statements are issued once. The amount of your tax declaration must of course correspond to the amount of our statement.

Alternative handling method (our preference)

It is much easier if you submit a declaration for the costs incurred and the value of the donation in kind, and at the same time make a donation for the same amount. We will then pay you after the gift has arrived. Then the administration is kept to a minimum - for you and for us. The donation to the foundation can be treated as an ordinary donation to the assignment. The general invoice form from iTeams NL can be used to justify the expenses in our administration. We prefer to have these declarations and payments in this way well before the Christmas of the current calendar year. So be sure to submit it before December 15th.

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