Ordinary donations are the gifts you give to the foundation.

Regardless of whether it is intended for projects, workers or the foundation itself. You decide how much you give, when and how often. (You can also make a recurring gift). You can arrange that yourself on the online site of your bank. So ordinary gifts are the gifts that you probably know best, because you already give them. The tax authorities also call this an 'ordinary' donation.


There are different ways of transfer. A not so useful method is a gift in cash. However, iTeams NL has no cash, and if we ever receive a gift in cash it will deposit directly at the bank. So then it is just as easy for you to do it. If you want to donate an anonymous donation, we also have procedures for that.

Bank transfer

Almost all our payments and receipts are handled through our bank (s). You can help us tremendously by using the right bank account to transfer your donation. Workers and their projects usually have an earmarked bank account. Only donations for them and their projects are administered via that bank account. And the monthly bank statement is immediately the report. With every worker and every project, this site explicitly states which donation account can be used.

General gifts for the foundation are of course also welcome. This is the general gifts account:

NL38 RABO 0111 4061 02 in the name of ITeams with the note: general gift.

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