In contrast to an 'ordinary gift', a periodic gift is deductible from the first to the last euro. So not only up to a legal maximum of 10% of the income.

A donation becomes a regular donation if you stipulate in advance that you will donate (at least) 5 years an equal amount to a certain charity, such as iTeams NL. Until 2014, this was only possible when done through a notary, however, since that year it can also now be done without a notary. Both ways are explained below. 

Via the Notary

The deed drawn up by the civil-law notary has a number of conditions, advantages and disadvantages.

  • This method requires to be done via an official notary 
  • It is recognized by the tax authorities 
  • It costs money, for you, and for the foundation
  • More administration
  • It is for 5 years
  • There is a minimum amount of 150 euros
  • The whole gift is deductible, regardless of the 11% threshold for gifts.

With declaration from tax authorities

From 2014 onwards, a periodic donation can be made without a notary for the first time.

  • No notary needed
  • It is recognized by the tax authorities
  • It is free
  • Minimal administration
  • It is for a specific period of time
  • There is no minimum amount, so it may also be suitable for smaller amounts
  • The total gift is deductible regardless of the 11% threshold for gifts 


If you want to deal with the notary, then we respect that and will of course cooperate with you. The choice of a notary is up to you, and also the corresponding cost.

If you want to record the periodic donation without a notary via an online form, you must download this form from the tax authorities and fill in your section. iTeams NL completes the second part and you receive the original from us (we keep a copy in our administration). You must be able to submit the form upon request to the tax authorities.

Download the form from the Dutch tax authorities (in Dutch).

Donation in kind

There is also a possibility to make periodic donations in kind. That is a bit more complicated, for your accounting and for ours. The value of the gift item is then deductible. An annual donation of coffee for the office could be such a donation, or the provision of equipment and vehicles. In the latter case, however, we have a policy that we want the worker / volunteer to be able to purchase the right equipment and means of transport for his work and to keep the ownership right with him or her. Good consultation in advance is therefore required. Also with a view to the right donations.

Download the form for donation in kind from the Dutch tax authorities (in Dutch).

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