Why would I join a mission organisation? Why not just go out and do what God has called me to do? 

These and many other questions like it are often asked by people as they explore going out into mission. Here are a few reasons why going out with a mission organisation, such as iTeams NL, is a positive step you can make. 

Why choose a mission organisation

* we have experience and expertise - through the years we have learned what it takes to get you to the field and stay on the field, we have experience in the areas you will need in your mission journey. 

* we provide training - training in living cross-culturally, in language learning, team work, spiritual well being and more is a key part of success on the mission field.

* we provide personalised accountability and support at home and on the field - getting to the field can be a challenging process and we are here to encourage and guide you through this time. Then when you are on the field we provide accountability to help keep you on track with your mission, to support you when things don't go to plan, and in case of emergencies are able to provide crisis care. 

* we follow up when you return home - returning home after a short or long time on the field comes with its own challenges and we will help in the process by providing a de-brief and guidance through the re-settling experience. 


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