Approximately 10000 Albanian speaking people live Brussels and the surrounding area. However, there is no Albanian church and very few Albanian Christians. A team of Dutch people, including Albanian speakers visit Brussels regularly to share the good news of Jesus with Albanians. During this last year we have been able to start the first discipleship group with Albanians.

In September we held a short-term missions trip in combination with our own team, Operation Mobilisation and seven people from Albania.

Two stories of transformation

We have had contact with an Albanian man who up until now has shown little interest in the gospel started up a conversation with one of the Albanian team members. Together they opened the Bible and with great attention he listened to his compatriot. We were so thankful when at the end of the Bible study he asked for his own Albanian Bible. This contact will be followed up via the internet with the team from Albania.

A young Albanian woman who attends a Flemish speaking church, invited our team members for a meal. She told them, “From the message in the church I do not understand a lot, but with you doing a Bible study in Albanian I understand so much more.” We will also follow up this contact.

These are just two of the stories of how the Albanian team was able to reach their own fellow Albanians in the Brussels area.

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