iTeams NL collaborates with various projects. We are pleased to introduce to you Elias Markos who leads one of these projects. Elias was born in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan and recruited as a child soldier becoming a part of the liberation army.

Elias Marcos

Born in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan (Nuba Mountains) and recruited as a child soldier, Elias became part of the liberation army. In 2011, the more Christian-oriented south of Sudan separated from the Islamic north creating the new country of South Sudan. After a period of uncertainty, Elias ended up at a Christian College in the young country of South Sudan.

It was at this college, the Emmanueal Christian College (ECC), founded by Open Doors, that iTeams Netherlands worker Hilde van der Draai worked from 2012 to 2018.

After Elias graduated, he took his enthusiasm to the Nuba Mountains in Sudan, unfortunately he ended up in a conflict zone and had to flee. On the run, he ended up in a refugee camp.

In the same refugee camp he met Hilde again, who at this time was running an outreach program of the ECC. Encouraged by their mutual encounter, Elias decided to volunteer for this program in the camp. With the help of a sponsorship program via iTeams Netherlands, Elias then sought and completed a Bachelor's degree in Uganda with his own effort.

At the beginning of 2021, Hilde and Elias met again in Juba, the capital of South Sudan. Elias shared his desire to dedicate himself to education in the Nuba Mountains. Realizing that education is the key to breaking the vicious circle of misunderstanding, unrest and conflict, he set to work. Together with his family, Elias reached his native village and with the help of a Christian academic institution he shaped his education.

Elias went from village to village in 2022 to make known what he wanted to do. The environment responded so positively to this that registrations poured in. Even before the financial support was available, the first students came to Elias from far and wide. These students taught at local primary schools in the mornings and then walk miles to receive training in the afternoon. With the efforts of Elias, the enthusiasm and support of the local population and with financial support from donations via iTeams Netherlands, 65 untrained teachers were trained and supervised for a year.

And now

Now in 2023, Elias has started a training program with a new group of students. The situation in the country has only worsened in the villages where Elias works due to the outbreak of conflict in the capital. Still, Elias and his student teachers are very
motivated to persevere; they fight not with weapons, but with Christian teaching. Education that will make the new generation stronger to build their society from a Christian vision.

Will you join us in praying for Elias, his family, the student teachers and the children they teach?

More information about the project can be found at - Nuba Mountains Project

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