When graduate student of the Emmanuel Christian College, South Sudan, Elias Markos, finished his training he wanted to use his skills and knowledge to help train new teachers in South Sudan. One area of South Sudan that has specific and urgent needs is the Nuba Mountain area which is where Elias proposed to develop a project that is now in development. iTeams Netherlands in partnership with the Kush Theological College are working together to support Elias in this important project.  

Statement of problem

The people of Nuba Mountains value education very much, due to insecurity many Nubians fled out of their region and settled in refugee camps like Ajuongthok and Pamir camps. Nubians expressed that a lack of quality education in their own community is causing them to migrate to refugee camps. The teachers in Nuba Mountains are untrained and often just volunteering. As the security situation in Nuba Mountains is improving, it is the right time to strengthen the teachers who remained in Nuba Mountains to give access to quality education to children who did not migrate to refugee camps.

Outcomes for this project

At the end of the training, 70 teachers in Nuba Mountains are well trained and equipped to teach in primary schools creatively and will be able to improve quality education for the children of Nuba Mountains.

Project impact

The immediate beneficiaries of this program are the individual teachers whose desire to start their studies will be fulfilled. These teachers will impact their own families and the children in the schools of Nuba Mountains.

Further details

The teachers to be trained will be selected from primary schools of Nuba Mountains. The priority is given to female teachers due to less number of female teachers who are trained in primary schools in Nuba mountains region. Out of 70 student teachers, at least 30 students should be female teachers to acquire these basic skills for teaching in primary school.

The students to be trained should have a high school certificate and should be teaching in primary schools in Nuba Mountains. The students will complete 15 courses in one year, courses are taught according to the curriculum of institute we are affiliated with and as well as lecturers with technical courses. The classes will take place in afternoon hours from 1:00 PM-5:00 PM, that’s to say four (4) hours teaching per day.

Assignments will be given to students to be completed in the evening or weekends. They will be teaching in the morning and will implement the new ideas and skills from the training immediately in their daily teaching practice.


All gifts towards this project can be transferred to the following iTeams project account:

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