It was a party in Mefembisse, Mozambique - 170 children could start their new school year in January. iTeams NL donors made this possible.

These children come from underprivileged families, some have no parents or do not know them. Mafenbisse is located in a very underdeveloped part of Central Mozambique. Many families have hardly anything to eat as a result to the harvests failing because of the drought. The church helps with shelter and food, and makes it possible for children go to school. That gives hope. The children are building a better future.

Primary school education is free in Mozambique. Well, almost free: to be admitted to school you have to pay the costs for registration, books and school uniforms yourself. Poor families do not have the money for this. With the donations via iTeams NL the church could help the children go to school. Now they are building their future.

Workers from iTeams NL visited this church in 2016.

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