Lately, we've been able to really invest in building relationships with people with disabilities and their families. That's exactly the major reason, drive, vision and the mission of my stay here, so I can't tell you with enough joy that it's great to see that take shape!

The families we support receive no help from government agencies. Our needs and help also differ per family. For some it is financial help, for others medical help, and for still others practical help. We do what we can and what is in our power. We also work closely with existing organizations and contacts. In recent years I have invested a lot in network building during my short trips to Uganda and that is now coming in handy! It is nice to be able to work together like this!

The core value of Special Joy is relationship. To really see people, to encourage them in the fact that they are of value, and to love people as Jesus loves them. We often see that these people are perceived to be more of a burden than a joy. And I must admit, families with people with disabilities face many additional challenges, in the midst of pre-existing poverty, corruption, unemployment and/or poor health care. This can be really difficult, which is why we want to support them as best we can. We are grateful that the people with disabilities within Special Joy all have a family around them who takes care of them. At the same time, we see a lot of room for improvement and to make it easier for them in different areas, and that's why we want to stand next to them out of God's love!

Amy de Jong was sent out to Kampala in Uganda, and serves there together with her husband Derrick.

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