For several years, Shelton has been mentoring young adults in the Mechanics sphere. We have seen how mentoring works in the lives of the young people. So our next step is to reach out to those in need along the same lines; discipleship and mentorship in Zimbabwe through professional training.

Young people in this country, where the current economy is pretty much non-existing and inflation is rampant, have lost hope and vision. Day-labourers earn just enough to buy bread and cover transport to work which is a hard way to survive. All they want is a job that pays them at the very least a survival salary. They want a skill to be proud of and acknowledgement of who they are as an individual.

Ask and you will receive says the word of God and he gave us a surprise. We found ourselves faced with the opportunity to buy land pretty much the city centre of Harare. The city council had made land available for small business to build premises and factories to boost industry and employment. This echoed our vision as we had been looking for land to set up a training centre to teach and mentor young people. With God’s grace and purely in faith we manage to secure the land and miraculously commenced with developing the premises.

So far we have managed to put in place a 20 foot container that will function as an office and storage facility. This leaves the walls, roof, sanitation and the concrete floor to be poured. Preparations are ongoing, but speed is of the essence.

We hope to open the premises for business in September. It is crucial to have a waterproof structure by then as that is the time that the rainy season starts.

You are able to join with us in seeing this vision come to life and seeing young lives mentored, discipled and given a future. You can do this through praying for us and by making a donation to support the project.

If you would like to support this project with a gift then please give to the account below including the reference code: 


NL94 RABO 0143 9205 61 in the name of iTeams with the note: IA-ZP 


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