In Ecuador our partner is ESME (End Slavery Ministry Ecuador).

Young women in prostitution – it’s just not right. Forced to work by others, sometimes their family or friends, and unable to finish their education, many of these girls never make it out of that world. They have few alternatives to survive from day to day.

In Ecuador girls under 18 who work as prostitutes can find a home at shelters, where they are often forced to go by the police or courts. There they are encouraged to develop a better self-image and to work on their futures. However, when they are 18 they leave the shelters, and all too often they end up back in prostitution. 

Safe place

Casa Adalia wants to give these women a home where they can stay until they have their life back on track. It offers a safe place to live, professional help and care by a house mother. Here they can prepare and be prepared for re-entry into society.  


Casa Adalia also has their own website.


Casa Adalia is part of End Slavery Ministry Ecuador, an Ecuadorian foundation set up by International Teams Netherlands. As iTeams NL we look forward to working together with this local organisation.


We of course want to help ESME out with advice, prayer and support. This includes finances; if you want to contribute this can be done by donating to the bank account:

NL55 RABO 0155 6677 69 in the name of “Iteams” with the notice ES-CA 


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