Our partner in Germany is Der Wegweiser (The Signpost). Eastern Germany has a unique history. It used to be a separate country, the DDR, and was governed by a communist system. Life was very different than it is now, and when the DDR ceased to exist many companies went bankrupt.


In the unforgiving capitalist system it was impossible for many companies to stay afloat. Many of the highly educated left for a second chance elsewhere in Germany. The population that remained consisted of the elderly, weak and the unemployed – a hopeless situation, and one which was a breeding ground for extremists from left and right. It is therefore a place where aid to the weak, the rejected and the poor is needed. It is this aid that Der Wegweiser aims to strengthen. Their method of doing this is to help people become more and more self-reliant and strong.

A tale of two villas

Der Wegweiser is an association, and has been able to purchase a piece of land with two villas. The idea is to transform one of the villas into a community for the less fortunate. In the Communist era the building was used as a residential barracks, and workers from the local paper factory lived in small hardboard rooms. Now though the building has been brought back to its original style, and each room can serve as a separate unit. The second villa serves as a home for the leaders and guides of the project, and also includes simple guest accommodation. 


If you want to support this project financially, you can donate to the bank account:

NL80 RABO 0305937294 in the name of “Iteams” with the note VW-WW

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