Hands To Serve (Stichting Hand) was founded by Tiny Snell, who, besides having many other skills, was a mechanic in California. Tiny had a strong desire to serve the Lord in a fulltime capacity, but was limited because of his lack of a formal theological degree.

He could not become a preacher, but felt that there must be something he and others like himself could do for the Lord with their hands. He provided cars for missionaries on furlough until May, 1963, when he went to Europe to work on the mechanical staff of Operation Mobilization. Tiny began to see that there was a great need for someone to supply technical aid to missionaries and groups, and so was led of the Lord to begin his own ministry. Hands To Serve was born in 1966.

In 1971 Tiny died tragically in an automobile accident but the work he founded, Stichting Hand, has continued to grow under the Lord’s blessing. Today it is led by Steve Simmons (Tiny's son-in-law). He is assisted by his brother-in-law Randy Snell and Steve's daughter and son-in-law Ruth and Paul Zonnenberg. Together they continue with the ministry and for more than thirty years missionaries have been serving in the small village of Strijen, near Rotterdam.

While automobiles remain a significant focus of the work, technology has changed and so has the ministry of Hands To Serve. Today computers, both hardware and software, are another major part of the work. Computers are purchased, repaired, rebuilt and shipped world wide and missionaries are provided with assistance in using their computers effectively to facilitate spreading God’s Word.

The shipping department continues to operate fulltime crating and shipping household goods, ministry supplies, construction materials, automobiles, sound equipment, computers and just about anything else around the globe.

iTeams NL partners with some of the full time volunteer workers from Stichting Hand/Hands to Serve.

If you would like to support the work of Hands to Serve (Stichtng Hand) then payment can be made to: 

NL25RABO0150127669 t.n.v. Iteams with the note TO-SH

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