South Sudan is a young country and was only recognised in 2010. It is now a country divided by tribal conflicts, and one where Islam and Christianity meet traditional customs and beliefs. It lacks for almost everything, and what they do have is either not complete or not yet functional. 


Even before South Sudan was independent, Emmanuel Christian College had found a home in the south of the country, on the border with Uganda. What started as a training school now has college status, and is on the way to becoming a university. Preachers are trained (non-denominationally), there is a business faculty, and there is another one for the training of teachers in Christian education. It’s one of only three recognised courses in the country. It is offered in both the normal three year programme and in a two year programme for people who have been teaching but lack a diploma. 


Students at Emmanuel come from all corners and tribes of the country, but also from the Nuba Mountains in Sudan. Together they find peace just outside the quiet city of Yei. 


ITeams NL is privileged to be a partner of the ECC. Together with them we want to commit ourselves to educating teachers for Christian education in this young country.


Any financial support is welcome at the bank account:

NL33 RABO 0155 6677 77 in the name of “Iteams" with the note - IA-SS


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