iTeams NL makes it a habit to visit the workers who are members of iTeams NL at least once a year. That is why Barth and Mathilde Companjen headed off in their little Golf. First stop was Germany, to Mitweida, just above Chemnitz. This place used to be called Karl Marx City, indeed we are in the former GDR.

Approximately 10000 Albanian speaking people live Brussels and the surrounding area. However, there is no Albanian church and very few Albanian Christians. A team of Dutch people, including Albanian speakers visit Brussels regularly to share the good news of Jesus with Albanians. During this last year we have been able to start the first discipleship group with Albanians.

On Saturday 24 March 2018, Missie Nederland will hold their annual day for Home Front Teams (TFTs) in collaboration with Member Care Nederland and various mission organizations. During the day home front teams will be provided with a wealth of useful information. The day is also suitable for prospective missionaries who are building a home front team...

It was a party in Mefembisse, Mozambique - 170 children could start their new school year in January. iTeams NL donors made this possible. These children come from underprivileged families, some have no parents or do not know them. Mafenbisse is located in a very underdeveloped part of Central Mozambique.

On Friday, November 24, 2017 there was a festive conclusion of the school year in Yei, South Sudan. 149 Students from the Emmanuel Christian College (ECC) graduated from the faculties of Theology, Education and Business. The governor of the state was present as guest of honor at the ceremony, as was the board chairman George Bezuidenhout.

We had been informed that it would not be New Year's Eve in Serbia until January 13. Following the use of the Julian calendar by the Serbian Orthodox Church, the last day is also held 14 days later than in the Netherlands. Yet we received a text message on Friday that we were expected to be at New Year's Eve at 20.00 hours with the pastor's family.

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