It was a party in Mefembisse, Mozambique - 170 children could start their new school year in January. iTeams NL donors made this possible. These children come from underprivileged families, some have no parents or do not know them. Mafenbisse is located in a very underdeveloped part of Central Mozambique.

On Friday, November 24, 2017 there was a festive conclusion of the school year in Yei, South Sudan. 149 Students from the Emmanuel Christian College (ECC) graduated from the faculties of Theology, Education and Business. The governor of the state was present as guest of honor at the ceremony, as was the board chairman George Bezuidenhout.

We had been informed that it would not be New Year's Eve in Serbia until January 13. Following the use of the Julian calendar by the Serbian Orthodox Church, the last day is also held 14 days later than in the Netherlands. Yet we received a text message on Friday that we were expected to be at New Year's Eve at 20.00 hours with the pastor's family.

In September 2017, a team from Albania came to join the Brussels Project. It was encouraging to have Albanian speakers with us in Brussels as together we were able to visit with refugees. At present there are about 60 Albanians in refugee camps including single parent families. 

Starting early 2018 we will start with holding a regular meeting night and a discipleship study in Albanian.

On the 4th of March 2017 a historic graduation ceremony took place in Ajuong Thok, South Sudan. It was a colorful celebration in which 70 teachers from Primary Schools of LWF received their Certificate of Education from Emmanuel Christian College. The 70 teachers participated in a 10-month intensive in-service teacher training.

iTeams NL has a new worker. Marieke van Dreuten has just completed her field training and has taken a 26 hour bus ride to arrive in Osijek, Croatia. Marieke is a teacher and will be serving with Jelle and Janneke Huisman to supervise the school lessons of their four children. Join us in praying for Marieke’s adjustment to Croatia and that schooling will go well for all the children.

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