iTeams NL is holding a Christmas Appeal for the Athens Refugee Center which is a ministry to refugees located right in the heart of Athens. It is a ministry of Helping Hands whose aim is to share the good news of Jesus in word and deed with refugees in Athens. Every year Helping Hands holds a Christmas party for refugees...

We have been looking forward to it since the last conference and during summer it was finally time again; the bi-annual iTeams conference for workers in Europe! Together with a group of around 110 people, we met in Schwabisch Gmund, Germany. What makes conference so special? 

It is always with a sense of anticipation that our iTeams NL office team prepare for our Access Weekends – our new worker orientation weekend. In May we held the first of three weekends that explore four key areas of missionary preparation: call, character, competence and compatibility.

Want to discover your place in God's story? Then from 27 Sept - 6 Oct you have the opportunity to participate in the Seven Stories School run by Bless Network in Normany France. 

I bought my vegetables at the market, and the woman greeted me friendly with: Ajmo ljepotice, vidimo se!

Language learning is a real challenge, not only because of the differences between Serbian or Croatian words, which definitely adds to the complexity of learning, but because I feel often like a toddler, stumbling to get my words out.

iTeams NL makes it a habit to visit the workers who are members of iTeams NL at least once a year. That is why Barth and Mathilde Companjen headed off in their little Golf. First stop was Germany, to Mitweida, just above Chemnitz. This place used to be called Karl Marx City, indeed we are in the former GDR.

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