Tabita is our partner in Novi Sad, Serbia. This aid organization focuses primarily on the poorest of the poorest and the most disadvantaged. That's the Roma. Formerly known as Gypsies.

Tabita Foundation

Tabita Foundation is an aid organization in Novi Sad, the second city of Serbia but also the capital of the autonomous province Vojvodina. This part of Serbia has a high number of ethnic and religious minorities. The minorities together even form the majority.

The organization started in 1991 immediately after the civil war, and gave assistance to refugees from the war zones. Zelimir and Branka Srnec and their daughters were the driving forces behind this organization.

Some of the refugees were Roma. From this there arose among them a work that now also extends to other Rroma groups in and around Novi Sad. The Tabita Foundation can look forward to a good international network. iTeams NL joins this network and has placed a couple here (Pier and Joke Meindertsma) since 2017.

Tabita includes a kindergarten for Roma children, homework assistance, self-sustaining training in a garden, and other micro economic projects. The Evangelical Church, of which Tabita is the diaconal arm, provides Roma meetings, church services and Bible studies.


Gifts for Tabita are welcome at:

NL27 RABO 0305 9373 75 iTeams o.v.v. RM-NT Tabita

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