The majority of Albanian speakers live outside of Albania. Albanian is also spoken in the surrounding countries of Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Greece. In addition, we find large groups of Albanian speakers spread across Europe and beyond.


Some Albanians have assimilated and only their last name betrays an Albanian origin while others hold more to their tradition, religion and language. That is why Albanian Outreach wants to work in various places among the Albanians. Not only in Albania and the Balkans but also in other places where Albanians live and stay. iTeams NL wants to find creative ways with Albanian Outreach to reach the Albanians, anywhere in the world with the Gospel.


Since 2013, a group of volunteers in Brussels works among the estimated 10,000 Albanian speakers who stay there. They mainly focus on the victims of human trafficking and in refugee work. The volunteers have almost all worked in Albania and speak the language. In addition to working on the street and in a refugee camp, we have also started a discipleship group. At least once a year a team of Albanians from Albania comes to help us in Brussels.

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