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It is estimated that 79.5 million people are displaced worldwide. People who are looking for a safe home, a kind word, a helping hand, tranquility, freedom and peace. God gives us a clear assignment when it comes to caring for refugees. "You will love them as yourself." My desire is to spread God's light among these people by standing next to them and living with them. By opening my heart and home, I want to be the friend who offers them moments of joy, peace and tranquility. Mohabat represents love, affection and kindness.

The Source and Example of "Mohabat" is found in Jesus Christ, who wants to use us as light bearers to let His light shine.

Our Aim

The aim of this project is to provide assistance to refugees near and far. This can be broken down into three concrete points.

Open house: My house is a home for refugees who have been placed on my way. By sharing life with them, a valuable time is created in which they can relax, feel at home, we can learn a lot from each other and we can share the Christian life together.

Practical help Lesbos: At the end of 2020 I hope to be on Lesbos for the third time in the camp where help is so badly needed. To give vulnerable men, women and children who live under inhumane conditions some relief, a listening ear or a smile. In the Netherlands, we regularly hold a collection campaign for hygiene articles and clothing.

Brussels outreach: Once a month I support, together with another Zeeland woman, the street work that is done among (mainly) Albanian prostitutes. By making contact with the women we try to build a relationship with them. More information about this can be found at: Brussels Outreach

If you want to support the Mohabat project through a gift, that is very welcome. You can send me an email, so that I can keep you informed of fundraising campaigns, news, etc. Also, money is always needed to support the refugees in my house. They live on gifts. Thank you so much already.


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Please state:

VW-MS if it is for general donations.

VW-MO if it's specifically for the open house.

Gifts are tax deductible.

Giving is living

Our projects are made possible by your contributions. This helps people and people groups to be transformed.

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