Together with the Evangelical Church Ermelo (EGE), a relationship has developed between this church, a church in Uganda (Streams of Life Ministries, SOLM) and two other projects in Uganda.

SOLM Pastor Mwebi has visited the Netherlands on a number of occassions and shared his vision and passion for his local community. The EGE youth group went to outreach in Kampala in 2012 and in 2013, another team from the EGE visited Uganda. In the context of investing, the EGE has helped to create a fruit orchard.

In addition to all the ministry of a church congregation, the SOLM has also taken on a number of additional ministry tasks, including the care for a number of child soldiers from the north of Uganda, a local school and kindergarten.

Foodstep is another project in Uganda with which iTeams NL and its Impact Uganda partner has a relationship. This organization specializes in the care of children who were and are interned.


You can support Impact Uganda by transferring your gift to:

NL95 RABO 01773 8225 25 t.v. iTeams incl. Impact Uganda, or ovv.v. one of the partners (SOLM or Foodstep).

If you or your church is interested in a trip to Uganda, let us know. Then we can help you put together a trip to visit and serve.


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