Athens is the glorious white city you know from the history books. With about 4 million people, the city between the east and the west is the front door of Europe. The front door where many tens of thousands of refugees are stuck in uncertainty. Without asylum there is no possibility of work or housing. In addition to the often lack of basic needs such as food and shelter, there is a strong hopelessness due to war trauma and a lack of safety and feeling at home. Help from organizations or the government is often difficult to access and there is no contact with the Greek population.

I will join an enthusiastic team of International Teams workers who work with refugees and local Greeks in the heart of Athens. 

Specific Role:

  • Support with basic necessities of life, such as medical assistance, food or housing.
  • Girls and women's work, for example trauma processing through art workshops.
  • Building relationships with Greek churches through home visits, meals and events.
  • Weekly bible study groups for all ages.

About me:

I am Judith Huisman, last year I completed a social work course. I currently work part-time as a housing counsellor in mental health care and I am following a pre-bachelor in art and design at the art academy in Zwolle.

In March I hope to support and encourage refugee women and families in Athens for a few months with God's Word. Will you contribute to make this work possible?

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